Mobile Repairing And Maintenance Engineering - MRME


12th Pass


12 Months

Semester I

Subject– 1 : Hardware : Basic Of Mobile Communication ,Use of tools & instruments used in mobile phone repairing , Details of various components used in mobile phones

Subject- 2 : Basic parts of mobile phone (mic, speaker , buzzer , LCD , antenna , etc)

Subject-3 : Use of Millimeter , use of battery booster . Basic board , Motherboard Introduction ,Assembling & disassembling of different types of mobile phones

Subject– 4 : Soldering & disordering components using different soldering tools ,Names of different ICs .Work of different IC , Working on SMD / BGA IC and PCB

Subject- 5 : Fault finding & troubleshooting , Jumpring techniques and solutions

Subject-6 : Repairing procedure for fixing different Hardware and advance faults

Semester II

Subject– 1 : Software: Formatting, Flashing, Unlocking, Use of secret codes, Downloading